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Atelier de Camisa

Welcome to the Atelier de Camisa, the oldest Portuguese online clothing shop. Founded in April 1998, the Atelier de Camisa devoted itself to this day, without interruption, to the individual making and selling of shirts online.

Since the first days priority was given to the quality of raw materials, the care in the manufacturing and provision of excellent service to customers.

We get often witnesses that distinctiveness of Atelier de Camisa, confirmed by the level of loyalty achieved, exceeding 60%.

In 1998, our first web site used simple programming techniques and was graphically elaborated little. With it we won our first customers online.

In May 2000 we concluded that our shop had exceeded all expectations
. The relationship of friendship established with a large number of customers meant we believed in the potential of this new way of selling. On that occasion, was presented a new version of the web site, increased the product range by introducing more features and making it more graphically appealing.

In December 2003, a time of deep crisis in electronic commerce and the closure of many
online companies, the Atelier de Camisa introducing a major overhaul in the shop, significantly expanding the catalog of shirt fabrics and introducing new forms of customer support, including private access to their personal data and the ability to query the current status of all purchases made.

It's time to rebuild the full web-site as an online
shirt workshop, adjusting it to the latest demands of the globalized world of electronic commerce. In addition to greater ease of reference, richness and simplicity in the technical information in the registered orders, customers can now build, step by step, their shirt.

All this because, from the outset, we took as the motto of the Atelier de Camisa the familiar phrase from Confucius:

"The archers have one aspect in common with the wise man: it never misses the point when looking at the causes in themselves." Confucius (551-479 BC)

We hope you enjoy visit. Your team at Atelier de Camisa:

Managing Director: Manuel Paulo Cunha

E: admin[ at ]

Tel: +351 935028807

Production / Commercial: Maria Cristina Cunha

E: ccunha[ at ]

Tel: +351 939656093

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